Epley Manoeuvre

The Epley Manoeuvre is used to treat a certain cause of vertigo called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

BPPV is a mechanical problem of the inner ear. It can occur in people of all ages but is more common over the age of 40. Some younger people can develop BPPV following an injury to the ear, or following a previous infection of the inner ear.
  • Benign- means it is not life threatening, although the symptoms can feel extremely unpleasant
  • Paroxysmal- it comes in sudden, brief spells
  • Positional – it is triggered when the head is moved in a certain direction, often quickly
  • Vertigo – feels like you (or everything around you) is spinning – enough to affect your balance. It’s more than just feeling dizzy. This type of vertigo typically lasts from a few seconds to no more than a minute

It is important to know that BPPV will NOT give you constant dizziness that is unaffected by movement or a change in position.

It will NOT affect your hearing or produce fainting, headache or neurological symptoms such as numbness, “pins and needles,” trouble speaking or trouble coordinating your movements.

If you have any of these additional symptoms, tell your doctor immediately.

Your Epley Manoeuvre Appointment

  • When booking an appointment for the Epley Manoeuvre, please be sure to tell the receptionist that this is what you wish to book, so that we can have everything in place rady for you
  • Please also arrange for someone else to drive (or walk) you home – even if you have been able to drive yourself in.
  • Allow an hour for your appointment. Fee for this is £42 (all major payment cards accepted)
  • You will not need to get undressed, but you will need to be able to lay down (with help) so do wear something loose and comfortable.
  • In 80% of BPPV cases, one Epley Manoeuvre is sufficient to significantly reduce or stop symptoms. In some cases, just one more session a week after the first will be enough.

There are many possible causes of dizziness and vertigo, and as such the chiropractor will not perform the Epley Manoeuvre without an initial full consultation. This will include checking your blood pressure, associated neurological and orthopaedic tests, and a full chiropractic assessment to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to receive treatment.

The Epley Manoeuvre is used to correct only BPPV and can be extremely effective. This procedure can be used by GP’s, consultants, plus some chiropractors and other healthcare professionals.

Here at Cleobury Chiropractic we are trained, qualified and insured to use the Epley Manoeuvre.

Self Help

There are things that you can do for yourself to help ease vertigo symptoms when they are happening, and to reduce the number of episodes you have.


  • lie still in a quiet, dark room to reduce the spinning feeling
  • move your head carefully and slowly during daily activities
  • sit down straight away when you feel dizzy
  • turn on the lights if you get up at night
  • use a walking stick if you're at risk of falling
  • sleep with your head slightly raised on 2 or more pillows
  • get out of bed slowly and sit on the edge of the bed for a while before standing up
  • try to relax – anxiety can make vertigo worse


  • bend over to pick things up – squat to lower yourself instead
  • stretch your neck – for example, while reaching up to a high shelf


Just wanted to say what a great help the Display Screen Assessment was for us all.  It has certainly made us more of aware of the need to sit correctly to ensure that we can avoid some of the problems that we have had with our backs in the past.

Hobsons Brewery

After the first appointment I experienced a dramatic change, i immediately had more range of movement and less pain. I remember being so grateful I was moved to tears. After every subsequent treatment I continued to improve. It is not an overstatement to say that Sue and the McTimoney Method have succeeded where all other efforts have failed.

Victoria, registered nurse

It's like a miracle. After 10 years of discomfort and reduced mobility, one session with Sue improved my mobility, stability and confidence beyond imagnation. The second treatment consolidated this and my only regret is not doing this years ago.

Alison, horse rider

Instead of just being able to move my head to the side, I can now look over my shoulder; I can’t remember the last time I could do this. The headache that was constantly threatening also seems to have disappeared.

Kirsty, Librarian

Sue's approach with her patients is compassionate and she displays a huge depth of empathy especially in her work for 'Hands For Heroes'.  I was reluctant to go - you hear so many strange stories about ‘crunching’ bones- but I went with an open mind and I am so very, very happy that I did.

British Army veteran, Ex-Staff Sgt. REME

As an employer I feel it is very important that each member of my office team should have a regular work station assessment.  I felt very comfortable with instructing Sue Brown with carrying out these individual assessments as she could impart her qualified knowledge on ensuring that we received the best advice and information. I would strongly recommend Sue and so too would my employees.


"If I had back pain, acute or chronic, I would see a chiropractor."

John O’Dowd, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, President of the Society for Back Pain Research.
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