Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

Work related upper limb disorders causing neck pain, back pain, wrist, arm or shoulder ache are treated successfully every day at Cleobury Chiropractic. These overuse symptoms are often caused by a combination of poor posture, unsuitable equipment or incorrect positioning of equipment in the office.

A DSE assessment will identify the likely causes, and advise how to minimise the risk to workers. Cleobury Chiropractic can offer this service to local businesses at very competitive rates.
  • Nearly 39 million working days are lost each year due to work-related ill health.
  • Those suffering from musculoskeletal problems took an average of 3 ½ working weeks off each year.
Source: Labour Force Survey (LFS) self-reported estimates

What is a DSE Assessment?

A DSE assessment is the assessment of the risks associated with the use of Display Screen Equipment such as computers, laptops, tablets and other display screens used at work (including smartphones!).

A brief online self-assessment using a checklist can be helpful but a truly accurate assessment requires on-site visit to your workplace to observe you whilst working with your own equipment.

The advantage of having a chiropractor to do this is that chiropractors undergo 5 years of undergraduate training and years of clinical experience treating musculoskeletal conditions and postural dysfunctions daily. This provides extensive knowledge of biomechanics and how repetitive or chronic strain affects the body: a depth of understanding that cannot be gained doing a brief DSE assessment online tick sheet.

In short, we can provide the full package:

  • To educate and make sure each employee understands why we’re doing what we’re doing
  • First hand experience of what can happen if this advice is ignored
  • Swift, practical changes to get to the root of the problem and minimize risk

Who needs to have one?

A DSE assessment is a legal requirement under Health & Safety Regulations 1992 for anyone who uses DSE at work for one hour or more each day.

As an employer, you must protect your staff from health risks as much as possible and a DSE assessment will highlight where these risks are and how to remedy them. DSE regulations protect both the employed and the self-employed workers as well as locums, agency workers, volunteers and trainees.

This assessment benefits employers and employees alike: demonstrating a proactive duty of care, promoting a happier, more productive workforce whilst reducing the risk of injuries and absenteeism.

An assessment should be done when:

  • A new work station is set up
  • A new user starts work
  • A substantial change is made to an existing work station
  • Users complain of pain or discomfort

What is included?

During the assessment you will learn:

  • Best posture for the activity required
  • The effect on the body of chronic or repetitive strain
  • How to adjust and position all equipment
  • Best work station design
  • Break frequency
  • Rights and responsibilities under the H&S law

A detailed report is included, covering on-site assessment, hazards & risks, alterations made and further recommendations for each employee.

Charges for this service start from £48 for a standard 30 minute assessment. For advanced assessments (for someone with an illness, disability or ongoing musculoskeletal problems), multiple employee assessments or for businesses out of the local area, please contact Sue Brown directly on 01299 519351 or 07932 000028 for a tailored quote.


Just wanted to say what a great help the Display Screen Assessment was for us all.  It has certainly made us more of aware of the need to sit correctly to ensure that we can avoid some of the problems that we have had with our backs in the past.

Hobsons Brewery

After the first appointment I experienced a dramatic change, i immediately had more range of movement and less pain. I remember being so grateful I was moved to tears. After every subsequent treatment I continued to improve. It is not an overstatement to say that Sue and the McTimoney Method have succeeded where all other efforts have failed.

Victoria, registered nurse

It's like a miracle. After 10 years of discomfort and reduced mobility, one session with Sue improved my mobility, stability and confidence beyond imagnation. The second treatment consolidated this and my only regret is not doing this years ago.

Alison, horse rider

Instead of just being able to move my head to the side, I can now look over my shoulder; I can’t remember the last time I could do this. The headache that was constantly threatening also seems to have disappeared.

Kirsty, Librarian

Sue's approach with her patients is compassionate and she displays a huge depth of empathy especially in her work for 'Hands For Heroes'.  I was reluctant to go - you hear so many strange stories about ‘crunching’ bones- but I went with an open mind and I am so very, very happy that I did.

British Army veteran, Ex-Staff Sgt. REME

As an employer I feel it is very important that each member of my office team should have a regular work station assessment.  I felt very comfortable with instructing Sue Brown with carrying out these individual assessments as she could impart her qualified knowledge on ensuring that we received the best advice and information. I would strongly recommend Sue and so too would my employees.


"If I had back pain, acute or chronic, I would see a chiropractor."

John O’Dowd, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, President of the Society for Back Pain Research.
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